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Why Healthcare Providers Choose CARR

All healthcare real estate is commercial real estate… but not all commercial real estate is healthcare real estate. Meaning, your healthcare office or medical facility is not the same as a traditional office space or retail storefront. There are vast differences in site-selection, due diligence, negotiations, obtaining concessions, handling the build-out, assembling the best team possible, and ongoing maintenance when working with a medical space compared to a traditional office.

Because of these important factors and many others, it is imperative that your commercial real estate agent is a healthcare real estate expert and not a general commercial real estate broker. It is also critical that your advisor is not a residential real estate agent experimenting with commercial real estate. Lease negotiations only happen once every 5 to 10 years and if your agent is not a healthcare real estate specialist, they could leave tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table, while exposing you to costly pitfalls and complications.

One of the ways CARR sets itself apart from others in the commercial real estate industry is our specialization, market knowledge, and expertise. We exclusively represent healthcare tenants and buyers ONLY. We represent thousands of healthcare providers annually with their lease and purchase negotiations, providing expert tenant representation services that result in dramatic savings of time and money, in addition to receiving peace of mind.

More healthcare providers choose CARR to represent their commercial real estate interests than any other firm in the country.

The Benefits of Working with CARR

  • Save dozens of hours of your valuable time
  • Pay the lowest lease rate or purchase price
  • Only consider your top property options
  • Start your transaction at the most opportune time
  • Keep your focus and efforts on your patients and practice
  • Achieve the most free rent and tenant improvement allowance available
  • Increase your profitability by saving tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on your next transaction
  • Gain peace of mind knowing you made the best decision for your practice and future
  • Eliminate being taken advantage of by savvy landlords and overly aggressive listing agents
  • Receive the assurance of having a professional advocate who specializes in handling the inherent confrontation involved in high-dollar negotiations

The Drawbacks of ‘Do It Yourself’ Commercial Real Estate Or Using A General Broker

  • Miss seeing your top property options
  • Miss your target window to negotiate
  • Get exploited by your landlord, the listing broker, or others
  • Overpay on your next lease or purchase transaction
  • Lose valuable time that could have been invested in seeing patients and building your practice
  • Waste time searching for and evaluating properties that don’t make sense for your practice
  • Regret committing to a transaction in which you are not 100% comfortable with
  • Be forced to produce additional revenue every month to cover the unnecessary overhead you could have avoided
  • Miss being introduced to the best partners you could have had on your team to complete your transaction and protect you
  • Leave a substantial amount of money on the table that could have been used for new equipment, staff, marketing, growth, or retirement