Careers at CARR


Everyone has a different Why of what drives them, what they are looking for in their career and especially what type of company they can wholeheartedly believe in.

The Why at CARR is supported by six pillars that shape our culture and allow us to help transform the lives of our staff and agents through growth in these key areas.

Our Culture

Income: Our goal is for every member of CARR to earn more financially than anywhere they have previously worked, while pursuing financial independence and a debt free life.

Work / Life Balance: Lifestyle is key to long-term success, fulfillment and joy. We work incredibly hard but with set boundaries that protect and encourage a healthy family life, personal time and the imperative balance between working and resting. At CARR, you don’t have to sacrifice your family or personal time to be highly successful, you can have both.

Values: Integrity, work ethic, teamwork, spirit of excellence and unity are the foundations of our core values that shape our culture. We strive to always do the right thing for our clients and our team. Although we are a national company, we have a unified team atmosphere that promotes character, honesty and trust. The values we operate by are often described by many as our greatest attribute.

Impact: Everyone desires for their work to make a difference. Our company ‘Helps People Who Help People’ and we are incredibly proud of the results we deliver. We have the privilege of impacting thousands of healthcare practices annually, which in turn affects the lives of millions of patients every year. We strive to be one of the most impactful and influential companies in all of healthcare.

Professional Growth: Professional growth should be one of the most coveted attributes of any endeavor. As you grow professionally, the other desired results soon follow. Our training platform and proven step-by-step processes allows our agents to succeed at a higher level, faster and with greater efficiency. We provide continuous training and support in order for each team member to grow professionally and to never stop pursuing new and better ways to improve.

Leadership and Advancement: Creating success allows for new opportunities to train, mentor, lead and develop people. This is true with how we advise and help our healthcare clients, as well as with our own agents and staff. Our company thrives by allowing members of our team to succeed at the highest levels by creating opportunities for them to lead and mentor others to in turn achieve greater levels of success.

Hear From Our Team

Ideal Candidates

We predominately hire professionals with non-real estate backgrounds who have a proven track record of success in their field and display the character attributes of:

  • Integrity
  • People Skills
  • Work Ethic
  • Attention to Detail
  • Proven Success
  • Winning Mentality

The backgrounds of our most successful agents are incredibly diverse, including: sales roles such as medical devices, capital equipment, healthcare merchandise, pharmaceuticals and various other product and service sales, business owners, CPAs, teachers, consultants, pastors, lenders, professional athletes, nurses and more.

Our Company Culture

Training and Development

Formal training in the commercial real estate industry is an anomaly, and predominantly non-existent. From the day CARR hired its first agent, training and mentorship has been a cornerstone of our success and influence. Today, our commitment to training and development is the strongest it has ever been and allows our agents to provide the highest level of representation to the healthcare real estate industry, resulting in our ability to successfully represent the commercial real estate needs of thousands of healthcare providers annually, from coast to coast.

Our clients, partners and company all reap the benefits of our expertise and the ongoing development of our systems, processes, and people. What CARR offers its agents is unprecedented in the commercial real estate industry.

Our Growth Across the Country

A Message From Jeff Drott – Director of Hiring

As the Director of Hiring at CARR, I have the privilege of listening to many people’s stories about the development and process in each one’s journey. The elements of their stories which involve successes and sometimes failures are always exciting to listen to and carry great significance to me. It is inspiring for me to know what motivates people to do what they do. From learning about their backgrounds of school experiences, career paths, and also their desires for future advancements, I enjoy listening to the entire process. Furthermore, it is truly inspiring for me to aid and propel others in gaining steps to their next destination.

I’ve had the privilege of hiring and interviewing hundreds of amazing people at several exceptional companies during my career. I firmly believe that CARR has more to offer than any opportunity or work environment that I have had the honor to be a part of. If you are interested in learning more about our company, our culture, the skillsets needed to thrive in our world, or if you are ready to start the official new candidate process, I look forward to speaking with you and hearing your story.

    Send Us Your Resume and Cover Letter
    Director of Hiring

    Hear From Our Team

    Prior to joining CARR, I spent 13 years with one of the world’s largest Pharma companies. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and had always wanted to be my own boss, but truly enjoyed the support and comradery of being a part of a team. CARR was truly a God-send. Having never done real estate before, they gave me the training and support I needed to become highly successful. Additionally, they have absolutely created the best structure I have seen to enable self-motivated people to achieve their highest potential without having to “compete” with their own co-workers. CARR’s culture is unmatched, the training is best in class and the income potential is amazing. In my second year with CARR I had surpassed the income of my top year with Pharma and I was consistently a top performer with that company.

    Jeremy Burroughs

    Regional Director

    Joining the CARR team is easily one of the best decisions of my life with the predominant reasons being several fold:

    • The company culture stands head and shoulders above any other culture I’ve been a part of at the professional level… by far.
    • The opportunity to continually grow as a leader both personally and professionally is unparalleled.
    • The CARR environment is one that refuses to settle for mediocrity while continuously innovating at a level of excellence that is unmatched within the industry.
    • I now experience a work-life balance that has dramatically improved the quality of my marriage and family life, while providing a level of financial freedom where we can afford the lifestyle my wife and I have desired for many years.

    Curt Anes

    Regional Director

    When I came to CARR, I didn’t know a company like this existed. My entire family has been transformed by our association with CARR. Work-life balance is real here and not something that is just talked about. My relationships with my children have improved, my marriage is better than ever and I was able to take my wife on a wonderful trip to Italy, our first week long vacation in 25 years. I have been given exceptional opportunities to use my skillset to help grow the company and help others achieve their dreams. I look forward to Monday’s, I’m excited to see what new relationships will be developed, what doctors will be helped and celebrating with team members when we reach our goals. My only regret is that I didn’t know about CARR sooner!

    Kent Hildebrand

    Regional Director
    Rocky Mountain

    CARR came into my life at the exact right time. I was in the process of getting into real estate but had difficulty finding a company that aligned with my personal values and somewhere I would be proud to call my professional home. When a colleague told me about CARR and the work life balance and the foundation of integrity and strong values, I was instantly sold! I can’t imagine hanging my license anywhere else! The team at CARR continually lifts me up personally and professionally and this opportunity helps provide me with the balance I desperately needed. I have two young children and my husband travels a lot for work. I needed something that I could have the flexibility to be with my kids when they need me and this opportunity allows me that freedom and so much more! The same reasons I came to CARR are the same reasons I have stayed for as long as I have!

    Amanda Blackwood


    I initially came to CARR for two reasons – income potential and culture. I wanted to be in a place where I could impact and provide for my family in a powerful way, while also being in an environment the was aligned with my values. That is exactly what I got. At CARR, you have a huge earning opportunity and you can achieve it from a foundation of integrity, team work and excellence. While income and culture were the two main reasons I came to CARR, it has been the leadership development and professional growth initiatives that has made my time at CARR the best career decision I’ve ever made.

    Ken Jorgenson CARR

    Ken Jorgenson

    National Director

    Who We Are

    CARR was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping healthcare providers level the playing field against landlords and sellers. Our vision was to make a lasting impact in the lives of our healthcare clients through measurable goals, including:

    Savings: Helping healthcare providers achieve the most competitive economic terms possible, often resulting in financial savings of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars

    Time: Saving our clients dozens of hours of their valuable time which can instead be invested in their practices

    Protection: Helping our clients avoid costly pitfalls, complications and delays that can devastate a practice when it is not properly represented and protected

    Peace of Mind: Healthcare real estate involves economic and business decisions that typically run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and often, into the millions. With this much on the line, it’s imperative to ensure you have seen all of your property options, and achieved the most favorable terms possible. When you know this to be true, the peace of mind you obtain is invaluable.

    Legacy: The impact we make in the lives of healthcare providers positively affects their practice, family, employees, patients and many others around them, for generations to come.