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Looking for the ideal medical office space? Look no further! At CARR, we specialize in connecting healthcare professionals with top-notch facilities tailored to their needs. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a growing practice, we have a diverse range of options to accommodate your requirements. Find your perfect medical office space today and take your practice to the next level.

Representing healthcare providers lease or purchase their medical real estate is all we do. Through this focus, we also provide the most transparent experience possible, free from any conflicts of interest, which 99% of all other brokers can’t say. 

Our exclusive focus also delivers the most favorable results possible to our clients, often resulting in savings of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per transaction. 

Our commitment to the medical industry saves you valuable time and resources knowing you have a trusted partner to assist you with every aspect of your medical office real estate transactions. 

CARR’s Medical Real Estate Agents Could Save You Thousands

By using the following strategies, we’re able to provide a high-touch experience that removes all the guesswork for you. 

Whether you’re wondering what the best property options available are for you, how much you should pay, whether to purchase or lease your medical office space, how to interact with landlords and listing brokers, or what type of medical office buildings are right for your practice, we’re here to help you navigate the world of medical real estate every step of the way. 

Save Time

The average commercial medical real estate transaction for healthcare providers requires dozens of hours to complete, even if you are only leasing a medical clinic, and that is when properly handled by an expert. Since time is money for medical professionals, diverting attention from your practice becomes extremely expensive and distracting.

Most medical providers also find it challenging to learn a new real estate industry, obtain key market knowledge to leverage their options and ultimately, negotiate the most favorable terms possible.

We go to great lengths to save dozens of hours of your valuable time and ensure your focus remains on your practice.

Tenants and Buyers

At CARR, we solely represent the interests of healthcare tenants and buyers. That means you as our client can be confident that we have no conflicts of interest and only act as your true advocate in every circumstance. Real Estate listing agents and landlords prey on unrepresented tenants and buyers. At CARR, we level the playing field for medical providers through expert representation, tailored specifically to each practice’s unique needs.

We’re not in the business of listing properties or attracting listings; our only objective is to help protect you. We help answer questions like, “How do I find a medical office for rent near me?” Whether you’re a healthcare tenant or buyer, we have the expertise and knowledge of this nuanced space to help you succeed at the highest level in reaching your goals in providing state of the art patient care.

Save Money

Real estate is the second highest expense for most medical offices and facilities.

The difference between a properly or poorly negotiated real estate transaction can benefit or cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With this much at stake, maximizing every opportunity is paramount to increasing profitability and protecting one of your largest assets, your practice.

Our medical real estate brokers specialize in helping medical providers achieve the most favorable terms in their lease and purchase negotiations. They’re committed to helping you avoid expensive pitfalls, complications and setbacks, all while walking through each step of the process with you.

Our medical real estate expertise, market knowledge, and skilled negotiating allow us to achieve terms and concessions far superior to other commercial real estate brokers and medical providers who are not professionally represented. We’ve worked to gain exposure and experience in this industry so that you, our clients, can ultimately benefit from that knowledge. We have the privilege of representing thousands of healthcare providers every year, from coast-to-coast, and in every type of commercial medical real estate transaction available, including renting a medical suite any kind. We leverage this experience and market knowledge to help our healthcare clients make the most of every opportunity.

We Provide Healthcare Providers With …

Curious what you can expect as a CARR client? First and foremost, you will receive a high-touch experience with excellent communication, a clearly defined process with targeted objectives, and advisory leadership where we walk with you every step of the way. Medical real estate is all we do, and that is by design — so we have the expertise and experience you need in a trusted partner.

Our core capabilities include the following services, although we are happy to discuss with you any other needs you may have.


We bring market knowledge, experienced negotiators, and a transparent approach to help you get the most return from your medical real estate investment. We genuinely care about all our tenant and buyer clients, and we stand by our commitment to representing you with zero conflicts of interest.

Negotiating a medical real estate deal is no easy task, as this is a nuanced and esoteric industry. Too often, tenants and buyers attempt their own negotiating and real estate transactions first. It’s only when they’re already in too deep that they start to question their decisions. “Did I really select the right property?” “How do I know if I received the best possible terms?” “How can I now get someone more qualified to protect my interests?” “What else am I missing?”

By partnering with CARR, you can take confidence in the decisions you make and focus on what you do best: running your practice and caring for patients.

Research and Demographics

If you’re like many successful medical practitioners, you may find yourself outgrowing your current medical services space, interested in upgrading your location or image, purchasing commercial real estate property, adding additional locations, or more. You know you need to research how best to grow your practice, as well as to dig more deeply into demographic data for your expansion, relocation, purchase, or new office.

The problem is, you likely don’t have the time or tools for that level of research and demographic mapping. That’s where we step in. We’ll do your due-diligence homework for you, giving you access to key data points, so that you can make the most informed decision possible about your practice options.

Heat Mapping and Patient Mapping

Our in-house analytics team can help evaluate the best location for your practice using our heat mapping and patient mapping tools. Think of a heat map similar to the weather map you watch on TV.

The more clusters of a certain color in one place you see, the more concentrated the weather pattern is in that area. We’ll provide a similar analysis for you of where your ideal patients are most densely populated, so you can make data-driven decisions about when to open, relocate, or expand your medical practice.

Competition and Traffic Studies

Our CARR analysts don’t stop at heat mapping. We also take a deep dive for you into where your competition is in your area, as well as what potential patient traffic looks like. That way, you’re clearly informed on the locations and types of properties your key competitor are located in. We’ll help you research real estate that allows you to build your own niche, while still staying in a radius of a high demand volume of potential patients. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you increase your practice’s profitability by capitalizing on the right medical real estate possibilities.

With our deep experience in representing healthcare tenants and buyers, we’ll advise you in the absolute best practices to follow — and how to avoid costly pitfalls.

The Healthcare Industries We Serve

Within all of the medical real estate industries we serve, our ultimate goal is to position you in the optimal location with the most favorable terms. Contact us today to learn how we can act as your exclusive advocate to secure you the most ideal terms and outcomes for your medical real estate needs.

Currently, we help tenants and buyers in the following industries achieve the highest levels of success for their practices and investments:

Whether you are opening your first medical office, renegotiating an existing lease, purchasing a building, or scaling nationally, CARR’s medical real estate experts will ensure your interests are always represented first.

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