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CARR and our team of experts have been featured in podcasts across the country on many subjects and with many industry leaders.  Below is a sample of our interviews addressing how tenants and buyers in the commercial and healthcare industry can maximize their profitability through real estate and further educate themselves to make the best decision for their business or practice.

How To Get Into A Dental Office With No Money Down

Originally posted in Dentaltown's Dentistry Uncensored Podcast

Dentaltown is one of the leading sources of information for dentists today. This week our CEO, Colin Carr, was honored to speak with Dentaltown Founder, Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA on the...
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Why Maximizing Your Real Estate Strategy In Healthcare Matters

Originally posted in The Outcomes Rocket Podcast

Tune in to the Outcome Rocket Podcast and be inspired to improve patient outcomes and experience business success through your practice’s real estate. Real estate allows healthcare providers the chance to...
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Getting a Fair Deal: An Optometrist’s Guide to Savvy Real Estate Leases

Originally posted in The 20/20 Money Podcast

On this episode of the 20/20 Money podcast, Adam Cmeja (Founder of Integrated Planning & Wealth Management, LLC) and Colin Carr (CEO of CARR), cover an Optometrist’s Guide to Savvy...
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The Impact of Commercial Real Estate on Your Dental Practice

Originally posted in Dental Coaching Institute

We want to give a big thanks to The Dental Coaching Institute by Penny Reed and Associates for having us on their show to discuss the impact commercial real...
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5 Things To Know Before You Sign Your Lease Renewal

Originally posted in The Creative Psychotherapist Podcast

We were honored to be featured on The Creative Psychotherapist Podcast with Dr. Reina Lombardi and The Creative Clinician’s Corner, where we discussed the five things you need to know...
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Time and Money-Saving Advice

Originally posted in The Dental Brief Podcast

We are excited to be featured on the inaugural episode of The Dental Brief Podcast! Whether you’re buying, leasing, or building, tune in to hear time and money-saving advice...
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The Business of Medicine

Originally posted in The Doctor Whisperer Show

We enjoyed being featured on The Doctor Whisperer Show, with Founder Sharon Fekete, to discuss the importance of healthcare providers capitalizing on every commercial real estate transaction they are...
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How You Can Save $100K On Your Lease Renewal

Originally posted in The Social Dentist Podcast

In this episode of The Social Dentist Podcast, Desiree Yazdan, DDS talks with Colin Carr, a commercial real estate expert, who specializes in transactions for healthcare providers. He covers...
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Owning Versus Leasing Your Office Space

Originally posted in Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast

Many PT owners find themselves asking the ongoing question of whether or not to lease or own their own clinic space. Taking it upon himself to help you out...
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Real Estate Essentials

Originally posted in The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Mark Costes DDS, Founder of Dental Success Institute , recently featured us on ‘The Dentalpreneur Podcast’ to discuss commercial real estate risks, negotiation tactics, how to get a good deal,...
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How Being Realistic Leads to Stronger Growth!

Originally posted in abundant beans the podcast

Brad Sheasby works with healthcare clients in the Denver Metro area for CARR, helping them in their real estate transactions from startups to business transitions and everything in-between. From ground-up construction...
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Returning To Dentistry Post COVID-19

Originally posted in The Dental Amigos Podcast

Listen in as our CEO, Colin Carr, Kirk Behrendt, Alastair Macdonald, and Vivek Kinra join Rob Montgomery, Esq. and Dr. Paul Goodman to share their insights and forecasts as to what dentistry will look like post-COVID-19. ...
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