CARR Podcasts

CARR and our team of experts have been featured in podcasts across the country on many subjects and with many industry leaders.  Below is a sample of our interviews addressing how tenants and buyers in the healthcare industry can maximize their profitability through real estate and further educate themselves to make the best decision for their practice.

The Importance of Commercial Real Estate to Dentists

Originally posted in The Teeth Time Podcast

For the first time ever on the Teeth Time podcast, host, Stephen Ray, is talking with someone who is not a dentist or dental student. In this episode, he...
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The Importance of Real Estate for Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Originally posted in Behavioral Healthcare Executive Podcast

CARR CEO, Colin Carr, discusses how the pandemic has changed the real estate needs for many behavioral healthcare providers. He also shares keys for behavioral health organizations to be mindful...
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Interview with Colin Carr

Originally posted in Smarter Vet Financial Podcast

There are a lot of ways a doctor can invest their time. The most profitable and best uses are going to be in their healthcare practice and with their...
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Real Estate Transactions for Physician Practice Owners

Originally posted in Perspectives Podcast for Physicians Practice

Our CEO, Colin Carr, spoke with Physicians Practice® to discuss what physicians and practice owners should know about real estate trends in 2021 and the best practices in making commercial...
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Healthcare Real Estate: Buying, Leasing and Negotiating

Originally posted in The Dental Download Podcast

Our CEO, Colin Carr, joins The Dental Download host, Haley Schultz, to give advice on buying or leasing a practice space. They talk about how dental students and new...
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Real Estate For Physician Practices

Originally posted in Medical World News

As a healthcare provider, it is extremely important for you to be educated on commercial real estate, as it is one of your highest expenses.  To find out what...
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Maximizing Your Profitability Through Real Estate®

Originally posted in The Dental Shera Podcast

In this episode of The Dental Sherpa, Caleb Carter interviews our CEO, Colin Carr. Caleb and Colin break down everything you need to know about lease negotiations and buying...
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Commercial Real Estate Issues

Originally posted in Dental All-Stars

One of the biggest investments an independent dentist will make in their business is the physical space required for a practice. Check out the Dental All-Stars podcast as host, Eric...
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Going Against The Stream

Originally posted in The People of Veterinary Medicine

Listen to this podcast and learn why CARR got started in the healthcare space and how we help veterinarians be successful through real estate.
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OD’s Guide To Healthcare Real Estate

Originally posted in Optometry Times On The Air

How confident are you in negotiating your office lease the next time it’s time to re-up the contract? When’s the right time to look at owning instead of renting?...
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Do Not Get Crushed By Real Estate Negotiations

Originally posted in Shared Practices Podcast

Do not get crushed by real estate negotiations! Take a listen to this Shared Practices podcast and discover how dentists are strong tenants, where practice owners miss out on free money...
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How To Get Into A Dental Office With No Money Down

Originally posted in Dentaltown's Dentistry Uncensored Podcast

Dentaltown is one of the leading sources of information for dentists today. This week our CEO, Colin Carr, was honored to speak with Dentaltown Founder, Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA on the...
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