Understanding Commercial Real Estate Landlords

It’s really important to understand the nature of a landlord.  A lot of times healthcare professionals want to talk about whether they like their landlord or if they don’t like their landlord, if they trust their landlord or if they don’t trust their landlord.

The bottom line is that landlords are in business to make money.  Most landlords buy real estate with the goal of increasing lease rates, increasing occupancy and then selling that property.

The landlord want to achieve the highest possible lease rate in the same way the doctor want to achieve the lowest possible lease rate.  The landlord want to provide the least amount of concessions, the doctor wants the highest amount of concessions.

Both might have an interest in leasing the space but the terms or economics as far as how you get there can be tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars difference over a ten year period.

That’s why its so important to have professional representation when going up against a landlord that negotiates for a living.

We assist with all types of transactions, including:
Start-Up Practices
Lease Renewals
Additional Offices
Practice Acquisitions

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