A Build to Suit is an approach that is taken by an owner or developer where a new property is designed and constructed to meet the tenant’s exact specifications. A Build to Suit is most common when a developer or landlord already owns a parcel of land and wants to be involved in the construction process of the new building they will be leasing to the tenant.

FREE EVALUATIONA Build To Suit is very common for large, national retailers that often demand the exact same type and size of building, such as a Walgreens or a fast food restaurant. Build to Suits are also very common when a tenant is opening multiple locations simultaneously or in a very short period of time.

Some of the benefits of a Build to Suit is that the majority of the work to develop the property falls on the developer to perform instead of the tenant or user. This allows the tenant or user to focus on their core business vs trying to develop a building or multiple buildings at the same time.