Rentable Square Footage or RSF is the total square footage that equals the Usable Square Footage plus the tenant’s pro rata share of the Building Common Areas, such as lobbies, public corridors, hallways, restrooms, etc.

Rentable Square Footage differs from Usable Square Footage in that Usable Square Footage is the tenant’s specific space they occupy whereas Rentable Square Footage also includes a portion or percentage of the property’s common areas.

The pro-rata share, often referred to as the Rentable/Usable (R/U) Factor, will typically fall in a range of 1.10 to 1.20 percent of the Usable Square Footage, depending on the particular building. Typically, a tenant who occupies an entire floor of an office building will have a lower R/U Factor compared to a tenant who occupies only a portion of a floor.FREE EVALUATION

Buildings or properties that offer additional amenities such as common conference room facilities, fitness gyms or other property benefits will often include those square footages into the common areas, which can increase the Rentable Square Footage.

Properties such as Retail buildings or single-story office or industrial buildings that don’t have any noticeable common areas or interior public corridors may still have a very small or minor additional Rentable Square Footage factor to them, in the form of a common building utility closet or fire alarm room or fire-sprinkler riser room.