A dental advisor, especially a dental real estate advisor, is a professional who is trained and typically licensed to provide services and guidance to a dentist for the purpose of growing and protecting a dental practice and/or dental real estate. These unique services might include representation in dental office or real estate transactions; and can extend into legal counsel and/or contract law services; financial planning, tax preparation and investment strategies; and practice management and growth plans.

As with any industry, it’s important to hire an advisor that has a depth of experience specifically in the dental field. Hiring a licensed dental advisor (e.g. commercial real estate agent, attorney, CPA, financial planner, consultant) will further ensure that the services and advice provided are done so with the highest level of integrity, authority and conformity to state and federal laws and industry best practices.

Hiring a dental advisor will also provide the highest level of accountability for the position. Having someone who only represents providers in your profession will ensure that they take extra care to ensure you are in the best possible position.