The answer is a resounding yes. Landlords pay commissions for the tenant’s agent and their listing agent, on both new leases and on lease renewals. Every large national corporation knows this, as do the majority of business owners. Some landlords will try to intimidate a smaller or local tenant and claim that brokerage fees are not paid to agents for lease renewals. However, this is simply a posturing tactic. Many landlords assume healthcare providers are unsophisticated and don’t know better when it comes to commercial real estate and, unfortunately, the majority don’t. Landlords are also notorious for using intimidation and scare tactics to force inexperienced tenants to forfeit their rights and opportunities.

The good news is, an experienced advisor like CARR will handle this discussion with your landlord on your behalf and ensure your interests are protected. This starts with you having the right to representation, and commissions being paid on a renewal the exact same way they are paid on a new lease, by the landlord. As a healthcare provider, allow your agent to protect your interests as the valuable tenant you are, by refusing to be treated any differently than a traditional business or corporation.