Returning To Dentistry Post COVID-19

Originally posted in The Dental Amigos Podcast

Listen in as our CEO, Colin Carr, Kirk Behrendt, Alastair Macdonald, and Vivek Kinra join Rob Montgomery, Esq. and Dr. Paul Goodman to share their insights and forecasts as to what dentistry will look like post-COVID-19. 

Hear their great insights into:  

  • Challenges faced by hygiene programs 
  • Bureaucratic costs passed on to dentists 
  • The fallout from “Hot Money” in the dental industry 
  • The need to offer more/different products 
  • The need to focus on all expenses 
  • The future of dental insurance and reimbursements 
  • The need to “get away from the screen” during the constant news and social media cycle 
  • Creating “committees” among your team to take the lead on infection control and patient retention 
  • Potential opportunities to extend and/or negotiate your office lease 
  • Greater leverage with landlords in a shifting real estate market, and more! 

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