Hidden Value: Real Estate Representation

Originally posted in The Veterinarian Success Podcast

In this episode, I’m joined by Real Estate Broker Bobby Lind with CARR Healthcare.

In our discussion we talk about:

Bobby’s path to be a healthcare-specific real estate pro.

What is tenant representation and why it’s so important?

How to think about the buy/lease question all veterinarians think about.

The mistakes made by veterinarians when they go through the process the first time.

The process of looking for space and why the process starts from the first call to a landlord.

The costs behind a clinic buildout and how a longer-term lease can lessen those costs.

How far away can you move a clinic before you should worry about losing clients?

When should you start the renegotiation process with a current landlord?

A success story and how free rent played a role in the process. Yes, that is a very real thing…

The tangible amount of money a lease or buy decision can have on your business profits.

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