Maximize Your Profitability Through Real Estate

Originally posted in Builders Exchange of Michigan

If you own a business, you most likely have a commercial office space.

That office carries with it many expenses: the most obvious is the monthly rent or mortgage. With an office space also comes staff and payroll. These two items are not only needed for business operations, they are also two of the highest expenses for most businesses. That being the case, only one of them is really negotiable. You may decide to cut staff, but when it comes to payroll, you either pay people what they are valued at, or they go somewhere that will pay them.

Real estate, however, is 100% negotiable. You can decide if you lease or own. You can determine the size, location, and amenities your space will offer. You can choose to be in a stand-alone or multi-tenant building. You can determine the length of lease, concessions you ask for, economic terms, business terms, etc.