National Accounts

CARR’s National Accounts Team

  • Manages and represents the commercial real estate interests of healthcare practices, private equity firms and corporations throughout North America
  • Exclusively represents tenants and buyers using a “no conflicts of interest” approach
  • Spans coast to coast, allowing us to seamlessly execute our clients’ real estate strategies
  • We deliver the highest level of real estate advisory services and guidance available

Your Dedicated Team

Every National Account is serviced by a dedicated team of experts that provide strategic services, valuable insight and support. Our team includes:

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Senior Management Insight
  • Local Market Expertise
  • Administrative Support

Our clients reap the benefits of streamlined communication, the insight and advice of senior management, a dedicated administrative team – all supported by local market experts.

CARR’s Expertise & Services

Our commercial real estate expertise will ensure that each location is situated in the most optimal area and property while also securing the most favorable terms possible during each negotiation.

You’ll save dozens of hours of valuable time per transaction; which will allow you to remain laser-focused on your business and to maximize your profitability and savings.

Our expert commercial real estate agents are trained in key disciplines of commercial real estate, including:

  • Office and Retail
  • Leasing and Purchasing
  • Start-Ups
  • De Novos
  • Lease Renewals
  • Relocations
  • Expansions and Acquisitions
  • And much more!

No Conflicts of Interest

A severe conflict of interest arises when commercial brokers attempt to work for both the tenant/buyer and the landlord/seller. Because our National Accounts team does not represent landlords or sellers, we avoid the conflicts of interest that 99% of all other real estate agents get caught in. 

Rather than searching for new landlord listing opportunities when touring, or trying to appease landlords with the hope of getting a chance to list properties for them in the future, we remain dedicated to our Tenant and Buyer clients.

Tenants and Buyers Only

CARR’s National Accounts Team focuses solely on tenants and buyers, protecting clients’ interests first and foremost. Our National Accounts agents do not represent the interests of third parties, landlords, or sellers. This means our agents strive to get the most favorable terms possible for your business.

Site Selection, Demographics, Heat Mapping, and Much More

With CARR’s commercial real estate services, clients receive comprehensive data and property insight.

Our expert agents provide detailed city and state analysis, including local and national markets, local and state planning, and demographic trends. We also possess advanced heat-mapping capabilities that allow companies, retailers, and practices to better understand where their clients, customers, and patients are located.

Exceeding Our Client’s Expectations

Every Transaction Matters

Whether you’re opening your first office or scaling to hundreds of locations, every real estate transaction matters. We know that your continued success is predicated upon capitalizing on each opportunity.

We evaluate every deal as if our own money, reputation, and success is on the line because in reality, it is. You can rest assured knowing your business’s livelihood is in good hands.

Our sole focus is ensuring our clients are positioned in the best location with the most favorable terms. Let us help you achieve the highest levels of success for your business and investment.