Relocating Your Medical Office Space

Capitalizing On Your Next Medical Office Relocation

There are a variety of reasons why relocating to a new medical office building might be the next step for your practice’s growth. You could be:

  • You are outgrowing your current space
  • Looking to upgrade your property image
  • Interested in changing property types (office vs. retail vs. medical office buildings)
  • Considering purchasing your office space 
  • Interested in targeting a different demographic / area 
  • Desiring a more efficient and ergonomic floor plan
  • Looking to build equity in your practice’s real estate

Depending on how far you move, you’ll need to make sure your current patient base is willing to travel to the new location, or you’ll need to have a plan in place to attract new patients. Relocation is a major decision, which means the first step is to ensure that it’s right for you.  

We offer lease/purchase evaluations that help you understand your current situation, as well as whether expansion could be a good solution for your needs. We may also recommend expanding into additional locations, as opposed to relocating.  


If relocation is the right move for your practice, we can help you perform due diligence, finding a location that has the right combination of price and patient accessibility. 

Once you have found a space and determined whether you’d rather lease or purchase, we can then negotiate the terms of the deal and also give you a clear idea of what to expect during construction. 

Relocating to a New Medical Office Building? 

CARR specializes in relocating healthcare offices with the goal of increasing profitability and improving patient care. We’re your advocate at every step of the process, helping you grow your practice. 

Our relocation services will save you dozens of hours of valuable time and ensure your focus remains on your practice and patients. 

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“CARR was great to work with and saved me a lot of money during my search for the perfect dental clinic site.”
Robert Berry, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“Everything was executed in a professional and timely manner. CARR was a strong advocate and made us feel like a priority.”
Heidi Kopp, OD

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“CARR’s communication should be emulated in all manners of business, always timely, professional, and never verbiage that left me feeling confused.”
Brent Smith, MD

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“CARR went above and beyond to educate us on the process and help us achieve the greatest opportunities.”
T. Bankstahl, DVM

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