Purchasing Your Medical Office Space

Healthcare Real Estate Ownership

Is it time to own your medical office space or building?
Are you tired of paying your landlord’s mortgage?
Are you interested in creating an additional revenue stream?
Would you like to avoid renegotiating your lease every few years?

For many healthcare providers, the answers to these questions are a resounding, “YES!”

Purchasing your own healthcare office space, building, or land can be a very profitable investment. It puts you in control of your growth, the future of your practice, and eventually your exit strategy.

At CARR, we help hundreds of healthcare providers purchase buildings, office condos, and land to develop their own medical office location every year.

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Owning commercial real estate has significant differences compared to residential real estate, including:

We specialize in helping healthcare practices navigate the ideal timing, property type, and process, while securing the most experienced partners to complete a medical office purchase transaction.

We clearly define how your top purchase opportunity compares to your top lease opportunity through a detailed purchase vs. lease analysis. This ensures you make the best economic decision that supports your practice’s profitability and patient care.

  • Financing and loan structures
  • Operating expenses
  • Zoning and use restrictions
  • Exit strategy
  • And many more…

Types of Medical Office Purchases

  • Office Condos
  • Stand-Alone Buildings
  • Purchasing Land
  • Developing Your Own Building
  • Fractional Ownership Interest
  • Retail vs. Office

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

CARR performed at the highest level and took the time to comfort and reassure us during one of the most exciting—and scariest—times of our professional career.
Jason Marano, DVM

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“CARR saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars on our lease renewal!
Nicolas Ravon, DMD & Wally Bashawaty, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“Having an expert in healthcare commercial real estate like CARR was invaluable in negotiating my first lease and helping me understand every step in the process.”
Lauren Haverly, OD

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

CARR has integrity, professionalism, and have been really easy to work with.
Michele Longo | ATG Rehab Mountain Region

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