Tenant Representation in North Carolina

Looking for medical office space in North Carolina? Look no further! We have a wide range of options available to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a small clinic or a larger healthcare facility, we can help you find the perfect space in North Carolina. Contact us today to get started!

Welcome to North Carolina, the “Tar Heel State.” Fun fact: The nickname comes from the state’s abundance of pine trees, which were used to produce tar for the Royal Navy centuries ago. Today, North Carolina is the ninth most populous state in the U.S., and known not only for its Tar Heel pride but also for its natural beauty.

North Carolina’s diverse geography makes for a variety of beautiful landscapes, from the Appalachian Mountains in the west to the central Piedmont region to the Atlantic coastal plain in the east. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park stretches across the western border and attracts as many as 12.5 million tourists per year. A common vacation destination, the state’s Outer Banks —a string of peninsulas and barrier islands along the coast—attract tourists from around the country with their idyllic charm and rich biodiversity. In addition to North Carolina’s natural attractions, the state’s cities also have much to offer. North Carolina’s largest city, Charlotte, is the 15th largest in the U.S. And it’s second only to New York City in housing the country’s largest banking center. Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west, Asheville has a lively arts and music scene—it even inspired the Broadway musical Bright Star. Then there’s the “Research Triangle,” an area in the Piedmont region made up of three of North Carolina’s most famous universities: North Carolina State University, Duke University, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This region is known for its highly educated workforce as well as its research facilities, including major medical centers and hospitals.

Few other places in the U.S. offer the same picturesque views, Southern hospitality, and business opportunities as North Carolina, making it one of the best states for healthcare professionals  to establish their practices.

North Carolina’s Healthcare Industry

With generally worse health outcomes compared to other states, North Carolina has found itself near the bottom of national healthcare rankings in recent years. Thirty-one percent of North Carolina’s adults are obese, and 24% report getting no lesiure-time physical activity. In addition, 13% of the population under the age 65 lack health insurance.

These statistics underscore the state’s need for more healthcare practitioners and medical professionals, especially because North Carolina’s rural population outpaces all other states’ besides Texas. In recent years, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has shifted its focus to tackling lifestyle factors such as food insecurity and housing instability.

Given these developments, North Carolina’s healthcare industry offers significant opportunity to medical professionals looking to open practices in the state. Compared to states with top-performing healthcare systems, North Carolina’s medical sector is far less competitive—meaning it has much more potential for growth. No matter their medical background, all kinds of healthcare professionals can make a major and lasting community impact in North Carolina.

Representation for North Carolina Buyers & Tenants

Your healthcare practice’s location can make all the difference for your customers, culture, talent, and bottom line. Not only can a poor location create difficulties for patients in accessing your clinic or practice, the wrong space might even post maintenance risks—a severe liability for any medical building with specific sterilization needs.

In short, real estate matters, and CARR knows this better than anyone. Our experienced tenant representatives are prepared to help healthcare professionals in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina find the best property for their medical practice or facility. Whether you’re expanding, moving, or simply looking to renew your office lease, we’ll create a custom real estate strategy that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Our Expertise

CARR’s real estate experts are dedicated to protecting and advocating for buyers and tenants’ best interests. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive market research and analysis
  • Lease renewals and terminations
  • Site selection
  • Expansions, relocations, and additional office locations
  • Real estate purchases
  • Transitions, mergers, and acquisitions

We know that location is the foundation to any medical practice or office’s success and do our best to ensure you find a property that aligns with your needs. No matter your healthcare specialty, our brokers go above and beyond to ensure fair terms and the best price per square foot for your practice. 

Let CARR’s professional tenant representatives help you find the best medical property in North Carolina. Contact one of our agents today.

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