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Looking for medical office space in New York? Look no further! We have a wide range of options available to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a small clinic or a larger healthcare facility, we can help you find the perfect space in New York. Contact us today to get started!

There’s no other state quite like New York, one of the country’s original 13 colonies and the nation’s fourth most populous state. Once inhabited by Native Americans before being settled by European colonists, New York has a rich history, with about a third of the American Revolutionary War’s battles having taken place within its borders. Many people know the Empire State for its largest city, the one and only New York City, which is often described as the world’s cultural and financial capital. The city is home to innumerable famous landmarks and institutions, including Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, Wall Street, and the United Nations Headquarters. Two-thirds of the state’s population live in New York City, which is also known as the “gateway” to the U.S.—the country’s first port of entry for many immigrants historically. Even today, nearly 25% of the state’s population is made up of immigrants.

Outside of the bustling New York City metropolis, much of New York state is green and picturesque, home to many lakes, mountains, and forests. In fact, though the state is often recognized for its financial, media, and tourism sectors, agriculture makes up a sizable part of its economy. Across the U.S., New York is a top producer of dairy, apples, cabbage, grapes, and maple syrup. People of all kinds of backgrounds can find a home in New York’s rich, vibrant landscape. And with such a large and diverse population, there’s no shortage of healthcare needs—making New York one of the best places for healthcare professionals to open a practice.

New York’s Healthcare Industry

Between 2000 and 2016, employment in New York’s health sector grew by nearly 30%. Considering no other sector even reached 5%, that statistic is quite staggering! Thanks to its massive public healthcare system—the largest in the country—New York City’s healthcare and social assistance industry supports more than 780,000 jobs.While the number of healthcare workers continues to increase in New York City, medical providers—particularly primary care physicians and psychiatrists—are not equally distributed across the state… According to a report from the Center for Health Workforce Studies, hospitals across New York struggle to recruit clinical laboratory technologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Other medical facilities report similar difficulties, a sign of ongoing demand for more healthcare workers.In short, healthcare is a top priority for New York state, given its growing population and increasingly diverse demographics. This makes New York an opportune place for health and medical professionals to establish themselves—but such an endeavor does not come without challenges. For anyone interested in renting or buying a space in New York, real estate transactions can be tedious and stressful. Tenant representation from a reputable firm like CARR can help mitigate your financial risks and set your practice or facility up for success.

Tenant Representation Services for New York Tenants and Buyers

Whether you’re local to the area or moving from out of state, it’s no easy feat to tap into New York’s bustling property market. Fortunately, professional tenant representation services like CARR are here to protect you from unscrupulous landlords and advocate for your interests.CARR’s tenant agents work with you to create a real estate strategy customized to your specific needs and goals. Our extensive real estate experience, local connections, and familiarity with the market translate into top-tier service when it comes to finding the right property and negotiating terms. Plus, our agents specialize in healthcare, medical, office, and retail properties —so whether you’re planning on opening a brand-new practice or expanding your current services into the state, we’re prepared to guide you from start to finish.

Our Expertise

Using industry connections and information not available to the public, CARR’s tenant representation specialists will design a unique real estate strategy for your goals. We strive to negotiate terms in your best interest—never the landlord’s or seller’s. With CARR, you’ll have a professional advocate looking out for you and you alone.Our comprehensive tenant representation services include:

  • Lease Renewals
  • Site Selection
  • Expansions
  • Relocations
  • Additional Office Locations
  • Medical Real Estate Purchases
  • Negotiation Strategy
  • And more!

Without a licensed real estate specialist on your side, you risk missing valuable opportunities, paying more than a fair market rate, or simply leasing the wrong space. But with tenant representation, you’ll have a dedicated real estate expert to help guide your search and negotiations.

Our agents are fully represented throughout New York; from Syracuse to Albany to Manhattan to Brooklyn to Long Island and everywhere in between. Our brokers understand the unique requirements of healthcare real estate necessary to serve healthcare providers.

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