You are entitled to representation when it comes to your practice’s real estate

Some landlords employ intimidation, instead of respect, to achieve their goal of maximizing their returns, including:

  • Telling tenants they are not allowed to have representation
  • Telling tenants if they do hire an agent the tenant will have to pay them

Neither of these are true, nor are many other tactics they might employ to keep a tenant from representation. Simply put, the Landlord is trying nothing more than to see if the tenant will fold before the economic negotiations have even started.

Without representation retained by the tenant, there is little to prevent a landlord from arbitrarily making up rules in their favor.  Their intent is to avert the tenant from negotiating on a level playing field by preventing them from obtaining necessary market information needed to achieve favorable terms.

It’s doubtful they would even attempt this tactic with large, national tenants. So why would they try this with smaller, less informed tenants? For exactly that reason… they don’t think the independent tenant will push back or know better.

Thankfully, you are reading this article!

Lease negotiations are different than negotiating the price of a car or trying to haggle for a better price at a flea market.  They are complex transactions, layered with hidden opportunities for landlords to take advantage of anyone not represented by an expert.  Landlords are professionals who are aware of these complexities.  If a landlord says you are not allowed to have representation, that is a clear signal they do not respect your desire to be treated fairly.

This isn’t much different than if a doctor told a landlord they had to complete their own diagnosis or perform their own surgery. They wouldn’t accept that response and neither should healthcare tenants or buyers.

Don’t let a landlord or listing agent, who have spent decades perfecting their approach against tenants, dictate the rules of engagement on your next real estate transaction. Understand that you have the right to representation, no different than a landlord has the right to access quality healthcare.

To find expert representation, contact an agent near you by clicking the following link – Find An Agent.

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