CARR Candidate FAQs

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the opportunity to join the CARR team. Wondering what it takes to thrive as an Agent at CARR? Curious what the interview process entails or how our unprecedented training platform is structured? We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions regarding becoming a CARR Agent below.

Interview Process

What does the interview process look like?

CARR is extremely intentional with who we add to our team. Character and skillset both play an important role in determining who we bring into our new Agent classes. Because of this, our interview process typically includes two to three interviews with our Directors, the last of which includes our CEO, Colin Carr. Each interview usually lasts between 30-60 minutes and covers topics related to background, experience, motivation, drive, etc.

These interviews also provide candidates with the opportunity to learn more about CARR’s company, culture, training platform, mentorship, income potential, and other topics.

Do you need background in real estate to work at CARR?

No, you don’t need to come with a real estate background, as our extensive three-phase training program prepares you for our niche focus in healthcare tenant and buyer representation. You bring a solid track-record of succeeding at a high level in your current position, and we will leverage your background, drive, and experience in our world of healthcare real estate.

Do you hire year-round?

Yes, we hire year-round, but limit the official starting date / onboarding of new agents to a once per quarter timeline. We have four training classes each year (one per quarter) where we bring all new agents together in Colorado through phase one of our training platform. Our hiring timeline is tied to the training class schedules, which allow ample time for each new agent to complete any new licensing requirements, while also properly transitioning from their current companies and roles.

Training Process

What does the training look like at CARR?

CARR’s industry-leading training program includes a full week onsite at our headquarters in Colorado, followed by weekly New Agent training meetings for the first four months. In addition, New Agents have vast resources available to them on-demand through our proprietary Agent Central training and development site, along with hands-on training and mentorship with a Managing Broker or Regional Director.

Training Platform

Phase One

  • Weeklong new agent training at CARR’s Corporate Office lead by executives, directors, and top agents
  • The content includes: relationships with referral partners, associations and clients; finding, working and closing deals; utilizing CARR resources and tools; site-selection, skilled negotiating and expert representation; terminology; building and maintaining your pipeline; understanding each deal phase; working with landlords, listing agents and attorneys; presentations and speaking events; time management; and much more.

Phase Two

  • Weekly, live kickoff training calls for the first 90 days with actionable takeaways
  • New agent “Courses” through online instructional training and coaching (video, audio and documents)

Phase Three

  • Bi-weekly training, company, and corporate relationship calls
  • National meetings with advanced training, interaction, panel discussions and education
  • Weekly calls with your Managing Broker and/or Regional Director
  • Access to corporate staff for ongoing answers to your vendor and transactional questions
  • On-demand access to Agent Central which contains hundreds of hours of content, presentations, training, documents, best-practices, etc.

Will I work alone or on a team

We’ve intentionally built CARR to operate with a team-first mindset. Whether you enter a new market or a well-established one, each agent is placed on a local, state, or regional team with other Agents who help build key vendor, referral partner, and association relationships. While your individual production and deal pipeline will be tied to you personally, our agents benefit from the many relationships of mentors, colleagues, and peers who are genuinely interested in their success.

Is there on-going training offered?

Yes! In addition to the above, we offer bi-weekly training calls, on-demand training videos, audio, documents, courses, and more. We also host an annual National Meeting at a resort facility for training, connecting, and company updates. Spouses and families are encouraged to attend the National Meeting.

Agent Expectations

What are the income opportunities at CARR?

As with most commercial real estate positions, this is a commission-based role that takes some time to get fully up and running. While our agents get the benefit of leads from our national reputation and brand, marketing initiatives, and corporate platforms, the average timeframe it takes to get an income with some consistency is 9 months to a year.

Some agents close their first deal within the first few months, while other agents won’t close their first deal until six months or more after joining CARR. In both cases, once the agents get comfortable and build a pipeline, they’re typically earning more than they’ve ever made, with greater autonomy, work/life balance, and opportunity.

With that said, you will want to be sure you have financial reserves for your personal expenses while you get up and running. We recommend that each agent have at least six months of reserves to offset expenses during the start-up period. With the average transaction cycle of a new deal taking six months or more, even a new lead on your first day may take months to close and collect a commission.

Agents span the income spectrum, but many experienced agents with a built-out pipeline earn $180,000 or more annually. Our top-performing agents regularly earn $350,000 or more annually. However, the success of each agent in a real estate service business is speculative and will depend on many factors including, to a large extent, the motivation, activity, and individual abilities of the agent.

During the interview process, we will discuss the projected timelines of income projections based upon the goals and expectations of each agent, the specific market being considered, and other factors.

Does CARR provide leads?

While CARR does have a robust marketing strategy, the typical Agent pipeline is a mix of deals generated through personal networking, cold calling, and events, along with leads generated through CARR’s corporate platforms. Agent success is best found in following the recommendations described during training, which includes numerous activities to build up a pipeline of activity and deals.

Can I set my own hours?

Yes. Each agent controls their own schedule as an independent contractor. With that said, our typical agents generally work weekdays during regular business hours, as this is traditionally viewed as the industry standard in commercial real estate. Contrasted with residential real estate, you shouldn’t be working nights or weekends, as most clients and vendors will meet with you during the normal work week.

Does each agent have a protected territory?

CARR is unique in the commercial real estate industry because we provide each agent with a specific protected geographic market and one or more healthcare specialties, and deals are assigned to agents based on those markets and specialties. Each year, we see thousands of deals referred around the country from other agents, marketing initiatives, events, corporate platforms, and other efforts, which highlights our team-first approach.

Can I have a second job while at CARR?

Our most successful agents dedicate their full efforts to their position at CARR. Agents focused on other endeavors typically cannot build the pipeline necessary to realize success in the commercial real estate industry. With this, CARR asks any candidates who are not able to dedicate their full attention and efforts to not pursue an opportunity to join us.

If you have additional questions you’d like to ask prior to an interview, please reach out to Ken Jorgenson at Otherwise, further details will be shared and questions can be asked during the interview process.