Maximizing Healthcare Professional’s Profitability Through Commercial Real Estate

We founded CARR Healthcare in 2009 with the goal of helping healthcare professionals level the playing field against landlords and sellers.

At the time we founded the company, I had been involved in real estate for almost ten years and had personally been involved in several hundred real estate transactions.

One thing that we noticed was that buyers and tenants that were unrepresented almost always paid more and received less in concessions than buyers and tenants that were professionally represented.  No where was this more evident than in healthcare real estate.

Most healthcare professionals go into medicine or healthcare because they have a genuine desire to help people.  Their focus is on medicine, it’s on the clinical side and it’s on making a difference.

Business for healthcare professionals often comes much later and sometimes never at all.

Every transaction that we’re involved with we believe we make a significant difference.  If we can help a doctor fulfill their lifelong dream of owning their own practice and going on to help most likely hundreds or thousands of patients per year, that a major win for us.

Whether we’re helping a client relocate, add additional offices, purchase a building or negotiating a lease renewal, one thing is certain: we do everything we can to hep protect our clients’ interests, while securing the absolute best terms possible on their behalf.

We assist with all types of transactions, including:
Lease Renewals
Additional Offices
Practice Acquisitions

Our healthcare real estate agents and brokers represent healthcare providers from coast to coast. They excel in negotiating with landlords and are well versed in all matters of transacting including, letters of intent, lease agreements, NNN leases, full service leases, gross leases, escalation clauses, , build to suits, common areas, demising walls and tenant improvement allowances.

With tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, leaving your real estate transaction to a generalist is risk you do not want to take.

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