Commercial Real Estate Client Impact

At CARR, our primary impact with our clients is a substantial amount of time savings through essentially what we’re taking off our clients plate and even beyond that the peace of mind that comes with that all while they are able to continue to do what they do best, which is work in their practice and help people.

CARR impacts our clients in two ways; time and money.  We save them time on doing the work that we can do for them at no cost.  Secondly, we save them money when we can impact their second highest expense on lease renewals and purchases and get them the absolute best terms possible with the highest concessions.   We save them money in that transaction.

We hear all the time where a client will be driving around the market looking for property and we always tell them that that’s our job.  You don’t make any money driving around looking at properties or calling landlords.  You make money in the clinical aspect of things.  That’s where you’re best at; so we tell them let us do that for you.

We’re able to save a ton of time where you’re able to go make money doing what you’re doing or being with you’re family.  When real estate is your second highest expense it can be terrifying for them and us coming in and taking that off their plate goes a long way.