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CARR and our team of experts have been featured in podcasts across the country on many subjects and with many industry leaders.  Below is a sample of our interviews addressing how tenants and buyers in the commercial and healthcare industry can maximize their profitability through real estate and further educate themselves to make the best decision for their business or practice.

What Real Estate Will Cost You in Real Dollars

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Do you know the art of the real estate deal? Avoid common mistakes dentists make when buying or leasing office space. Colin Carr, founder of CARR, is Reese’s guest...
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Owning Versus Leasing Your Office Space

Originally posted in Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast

Many PT owners find themselves asking the ongoing question of whether or not to lease or own their own clinic space. Taking it upon himself to help you out...
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How Being Realistic Leads to Stronger Growth!

Originally posted in abundant beans the podcast

Brad Sheasby works with healthcare clients in the Denver Metro area for CARR, helping them in their real estate transactions from startups to business transitions and everything in-between. From ground-up construction...
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Hidden Value: Real Estate Representation

Originally posted in The Veterinarian Success Podcast

In this episode, I’m joined by Real Estate Broker Bobby Lind with CARR Healthcare. In our discussion we talk about: Bobby’s path to be a healthcare-specific real estate pro....
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Purchasing vs. leasing office space: Making the best decision for your practice

Originally posted in MGMA

In this MGMA Insider podcast, we’re joined by Colin Carr, CEO, CARR Healthcare, who discusses the pros and cons of healthcare real estate, and what the key factors are...
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Creating a Brokerage Firm Exclusively for Health Care Providers with Colin Carr

Originally posted in Hall Render Podcast

An interview with Colin Carr from the Carr Healthcare Realty: In this episode, Andrew Dick interviews Colin Carr, the founder and CEO of Carr Healthcare Realty. Carr Healthcare Realty...
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Negotiating Your Lease

Originally posted in Spotify

Episode #4 | When is the right time to use a commercial real estate agent?  The following episode discusses why its important to have a commercial real estate agent...
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Why You Need a Dental Real Estate Pro

Originally posted in Apple Podcast

Welcome back to the Dental Performance Podcast. I’m your host, John Cotton from and thank you for joining me today for Episode 6 of the Dental Performance Podcast....
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How to Negotiate the Best Deal

Originally posted in InSPAration Managment

CARR and their team have helped thousands of medical professionals achieve the best rates and deal points possible on their leases, renewals, acquisitions and purchases. Mike takes pride in...
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