Expert Commercial Real Estate Representation

Save Time

The average commercial real estate transaction requires dozens of hours to complete.

Since time is money, diverting attention from your company or practice becomes extremely expensive.

Most professionals also find it challenging to learn a new industry, obtain key market knowledge to leverage their options and ultimately, negotiate the most favorable terms possible.

We go to great lengths to save dozens of hours of your valuable time and ensure your focus remains on your business.

Save Money

Real estate is the second highest expense for most practices and companies.

The difference between a properly or poorly negotiated transaction can benefit or cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With this much at stake, maximizing every opportunity is paramount to increasing profitability.

Our agents specialize in achieving the most favorable terms in lease and purchase negotiations.

Our real estate expertise, market knowledge and skilled negotiating allow us to achieve terms and concessions far superior to other commercial real estate agents as well as healthcare providers, business owners and investors who are not professionally represented.

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“CARR worked hard to get us the best possible lease. We will always be thankful to the CARR team.”
Phillip Johnson, DDS & Maria Johnson, DMD

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“I give CARR my highest recommendation and encourage anyone in healthcare to reach out to them.”
John Lancaster, DC

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“CARR saved me thousands of dollars on rent and maintained my current rate for the future.”
Brandy Cook, DO

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

We appreciate how CARR managed to find a new location with better visibility than our original site.
Ilan Waskow, DVM