Our Expertise And Services

CARR’s National Accounts team works throughout North America on nearly every type of commercial real estate project you can imagine, including:

  • Space sizes from 1,000 square feet to over 150,000 square feet
  • Locations from the northeast to west coast; from the southern tip of Florida up to Alaska
  • Clients adding several locations in one metropolitan area
  • Clients scaling throughout a state or region
  • Healthcare practices and corporations with hundreds of locations coast to coast

CARR’s expertise delivers the highest quality service for all of your commercial real estate needs.

Conflict Free Advisory Services

Thanks to the largest and most successful companies in the world, the importance of tenants and buyers obtaining exclusive representation is a well-known fact. After all, real estate accounts for one of the highest fixed expenses for most healthcare practices and corporations—making it even more important to find an exclusive agent that’s working for you and only you.

That’s where CARR can help.

Our National Accounts team exclusively represents tenants and buyers, eliminating the conflicts of interest that are created when brokers attempt to also work on behalf of landlords and sellers. For our clients, our focused approach levels the playing field when negotiating against landlords and sellers.

In fact, our agents enhance this best practice by approaching every transaction with an intentional strategy aimed at helping to “Maximize Your Profitability Through Real Estate®

With our expert representation and skilled negotiating, you’ll be able to achieve maximum savings in your real estate goals.

CARR’S National Accounts team specialize in Tenant Representation, Buyer Representation and Transaction Advisory Services for Healthcare Practices and Corporations.

Office and Retail Experts

The majority of commercial real estate agents only focus on representing clients in either office or retail spaces. Less than 1% of all agents are trained and specialized enough to represent their client’s needs in both sectors.

In contrast, CARR agents represent clients in both office and retail properties. Our dual expertise provides clients with a better understanding of all their options in each market, as opposed to being bogged down with inexperienced agents trying to fumble their way through a product type they’re not trained to evaluate. 

In short, CARR’s office and retail expertise helps maximize efficiency for clients who have requirements in either or both property types.

Types of Transactions

Leasing and Purchasing

Every commercial real estate transaction requires a unique approach and level of expertise to execute effectively. Our National Accounts team specializes in:

  • Start-Ups
  • De Novos
  • Lease Renewals
  • Relocations
  • Expansions
  • Practice Transitions, Mergers & Acquisitions

CARR’s team of experts are well versed in the nuances of each transaction and how to maximize terms for our client’s greatest benefit.

blueprint - CARR commercial real estate

Lease Renewals

When it comes to lease renewals, there are a few facts worth noting:

  • A landlord’s definition of a market lease rate is the most they can get a tenant to pay.
  • The majority of landlords negotiate professionally for a living and with the assistance of professional real estate brokers. 
  • Although lease renewals are the most common transaction in commercial real estate, tenants and buyers leave more money on the table during lease renewal negotiations than any other transaction. 
  • Furthermore, the typical real estate agent avoids lease renewal negotiations more than any other transaction.

Because real estate is one of the highest expenses behind payroll for many companies, losing money during a commercial lease renewal negotiation can dramatically reduce your business’s profitability.

With this much at stake, hiring professional representation to protect your interests is paramount.

At CARR, our agents specialize in lease renewals and approach each transaction as a premium opportunity to maximize our clients’ economic interests. We deliver significant savings through proper preparation, education, and representation so that each lease renewal represents an opportunity—not a loss.

Practice Transitions, Mergers & Acquisitions

Less than 1% of all commercial brokers are prepared to handle the real estate negotiations that take place during transitions, mergers, and acquisitions. But with the right professional advisor in your corner during a transition, merger, or acquisition, you can enhance your commercial real estate portfolio’s profitability. Moreover, you can reduce the time involved in each transaction.

At CARR, our teams have extensive experience in this domain. We handle the real estate negotiations in transitions, mergers, and acquisitions for hundreds of National Accounts and emerging clients annually.

Start-Ups, De Novos, Relocations, Expansions and More

When opening a new location or relocating an existing facility, it’s imperative to evaluate all of your options. Our National Accounts agents thoroughly investigate and vet every viable option that meets your requirements. In doing so, we save our clients dozens of hours of their valuable time on each transaction.

Beyond space and property evaluations, our agents specialize in skilled negotiating and expert representation. Getting the most favorable terms possible for our clients is our priority, and we strive to position our clients for success in every one of their commercial real estate endeavors.

Regardless of the type of transaction, location, market, and number of requirements you have, CARR is your trusted real estate advisor. We’ll help you capitalize on every real estate opportunity to help grow your company.

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