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Our Mission

CARR’s mission is to help healthcare providers “Maximize Your Profitability Through Real Estate®”.  We exist to help healthcare providers save time and money, and achieve the most favorable terms on their lease and purchase negotiations.

Why Join CARR

There are seven motivating reasons that make CARR the premier commercial real estate firm to join.


The income potential at CARR is uncapped.  As an agent you have the opportunity to achieve your desired financial success.

Work / Life Balance

At CARR, we believe that family and quality of life are very important. Additionally, we believe when personal life is healthy professional work excels.


The culture at CARR is one of help. All team members are trained and continuously supported while on the CARR team.

Impact and Influence

The work we do at CARR impacts hundreds and thousands of people across many disciplines.  Securing the most optimal terms for one practice impacts their bottom line, which in turn affects their livelihood, family, staff, vendors and patients for years to follow.

Personal Growth

As an agent at CARR, your success is our success, so we take pride in investing in our team.  Your support and development come from established team members, managing brokers, executives and the CEO.


The opportunity to excel within CARR is available to everyone. Increased responsibility there to earn with speaking engagements, managing teams, training and more.


Owning a state of the company is a real option for those who excel.  Ownership allows you to have a direct stake in the companies’ success receive rewards as a result.

Our Company Culture

Why People Join CARR

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