Practice Acquisition Real Estate Services

In order to complete a healthcare practice acquisition or transition, the majority of buyers must either:

  • Purchase the building
  • Negotiate a new lease with the landlord, or
  • Receive an assignment of the current lease

At CARR, we specialize in helping practice buyers navigate the practice acquisition real estate process. 

We begin by performing detailed analysis of the subject property, then present all other viable options along with detailed economics of how each scenario impacts the value and profitability of the practice the buyer is interested in purchasing. 

As the 2nd highest expense for most healthcare practices, ensuring the commercial real estate economics are favorable is paramount to completing a healthcare practice acquisition or transition.

Ensuring Your Success During a Practice Acquisition

  • Ensure the monthly rent or mortgage terms meet the buyer's lender's requirements
  • Evaluate extending the current lease vs. renegotiating new terms
  • Eliminate any personal guarantee issues with selling doctor
  • Compare current lease terms to other market opportunities
  • Provide purchase vs. lease analysis
  • Complete additional strategies to save time and energy

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Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

As doors opened—and others closed—CARR never stopped seeking new opportunities until I found the perfect fit.
Jayme Bruett, DPT

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“CARR is amazing! They immediately took care of everything, and I mean everything! They saved us unbelievable amounts of money over the course of our new lease.”
St. Paul Dental Center

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

“CARR was always out for our best interests in pricing and negotiations.”
Jeff Bieter, OD

Thousands of Healthcare Providers Trust Us

CARR was the best. I really appreciate their services!
Anna Bannon, DVM