CARR Podcasts

CARR and our team of experts have been featured in podcasts across the country on many subjects and with many industry leaders.  Below is a sample of our interviews addressing how tenants and buyers in the healthcare industry can maximize their profitability through real estate and further educate themselves to make the best decision for their practice.

Freedom Talks Podcast

Originally posted in Freedom Talks Podcast

Listen to the Freedom Talks podcast with host, Brady Ament and our CEO, Colin Carr, as they discuss how important real estate is to a physical therapist’s bottom line.
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Maximizing Your Profitability Through Real Estate®

Originally posted in Medical Management Radio by PAHCOM

On the most recent episode of PAHCOM’s medical management radio podcast our CEO, Colin Carr, joins Carter Luman to discuss how office managers and healthcare providers can position your...
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Let’s Learn About Real Estate With Colin Carr

Originally posted in The Veterinary Life Coach Podcast

Whether you currently lease or plan to one day own your veterinary space, this podcast with Dr. Julie Cappel and our CEO, Colin Carr, will teach you how to...
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This Podcast Could Save You $100,000

Originally posted in Dentistry's Growing With Grace Podcast

Under negotiating an average size dental office of 3,000 square feet by just $2 or $3 per square foot could cost you between $6,000 – $9,000 per year. If...
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Vendor Spotlight | CARR

Originally posted in Thrive With Confidence Podcast

Are you looking for the perfect healthcare office space? Do you wonder if it would be better to lease or buy that space? Or perhaps you are considering whether...
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Negotiating Leases And Buying Commercial Property

Originally posted in The Abundant Practice Podcast

In this episode, Allison Puryear and Colin Carr discuss renting, buying and navigating healthcare real estate.  You will learn the pros and cons of buying your space as well...
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Real Estate Insight for Healthcare Providers

Originally posted in Chiropractic Marketing Secrets Podcast

Why is it that some practices go on to help tens of thousands of patients and become wildly profitable while others struggle to stay busy? Jeff Van Kampen has an entire...
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Why Maximizing Your Real Estate Strategy In Healthcare Matters

Originally posted in The Outcomes Rocket Podcast

Tune in to the Outcome Rocket Podcast and be inspired to improve patient outcomes and experience business success through your practice’s real estate. Real estate allows healthcare providers the chance to...
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Getting a Fair Deal: An Optometrist’s Guide to Savvy Real Estate Leases

Originally posted in The 20/20 Money Podcast

On this episode of the 20/20 Money podcast, Adam Cmeja (Founder of Integrated Planning & Wealth Management, LLC) and Colin Carr (CEO of CARR), cover an Optometrist’s Guide to Savvy...
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The Impact of Commercial Real Estate on Your Dental Practice

Originally posted in Dental Coaching Institute

We want to give a big thanks to The Dental Coaching Institute by Penny Reed and Associates for having us on their show to discuss the impact commercial real...
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5 Things To Know Before You Sign Your Lease Renewal

Originally posted in The Creative Psychotherapist Podcast

We were honored to be featured on The Creative Psychotherapist Podcast with Dr. Reina Lombardi and The Creative Clinician’s Corner, where we discussed the five things you need to know...
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Time and Money-Saving Advice

Originally posted in The Dental Brief Podcast

We are excited to be featured on the inaugural episode of The Dental Brief Podcast! Whether you’re buying, leasing, or building, tune in to hear time and money-saving advice...
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