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Students and Residents

CARR EDU is currently investing in students and residents all across the country.  Each week we speak to a number of up and coming providers offering insights that will help them to avoid some of the biggest and most costly mistakes an individual can make in their career.  We believe that impacting a provider’s career will better enable them to influence healthcare, their patients and their communities the way they want to.

We cover topics from starting your own practice or acquiring one to growing from associateship to practice ownership as well as growing a practice from one location to a larger location or multiple locations and more. Our approach gives you information that will help you and your practice to maximize your profitability through real estate whether leasing or purchasing.  We weed out the extras and bring you truly helpful information, every time.

What The Schools Are Saying

Selecting the BEST location and securing the BEST terms for your Practice Real Estate has a lasting impact on every Practice’s brand and profitability. CARR is a committed partner in helping to teach our students how to do both successfully! The content they present is a significant “value add” to the Practice Management curriculum at SCO.
Southern College of Optometry

What The Schools Are Saying

Thank you all so much for the presentation! I enjoyed it and had many of my classmates tell me the same thing. I think many of us did not even really consider needing a real estate agent in the process of buying/transitioning into a practice, so that was really enlightening. Many of the people or companies who have talked to us before only discuss working with the buyer and possibly a practice transferring company, but it makes so much sense to have someone on our side for the real estate component as well. Thank you again so much!
Orthodontics Resident

What The Schools Are Saying

It is so critical for residents to hear this information especially since we don’t talk about these topics much in the residency. So thank you for taking the time to explain how you can help us and what options we have. Would love to have you present every year for the residents.
UCSF School of Dentistry

Our Instructors

The CARR team comprises the most skilled and sought after healthcare commercial real estate firm in the country.  We set ourselves apart in several key areas including our specialization, market knowledge, and expertise. 

More healthcare providers choose CARR to represent their commercial real estate interests than any other firm in the country.

The same people representing practices and teaching agents our proven strategies are the people teaching you the basics, what to watch out for, how to build your team and ultimately, how to build your dream.

We believe in helping people who help people and that makes all the difference.

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Would you like CARR to Speak at your School or Residency Program?

If we haven’t met you or spoken at your school or if you weren’t able to attend our last meeting at your school, we’d love to hear from you!

We provide educational programs on a range of relevant topics from coast to coast and would love to schedule a time on campus or online to meet with you and your students, residents or peers.  Feel free to contact our team below or click here and fill out a simple request form.

The CARR | EDU Team