DocuSign Instructions

  1. You will need a black fine tip Sharpie (not ultra fine), and several sheets of clean white paper. See below for example.
  2. Write with the paper orientated (landscape), like the example below.
  3. Put as much ink o the page as possible by going slow. (Avoid feathering like the example on the bottom right had corner of the example below.
  4. Use the top 1/2 of the page for your signature – as large as you can make it. And the bottom 1/2 of the page for your initials, again as large as you can make it.
  5. Please create 3 sheets (signature and initials on each page) and email it to –

When you have 3 signature / initial sheets you would like to use, please scan it on a copier and email it… a photo will not work.

Let me know if you have any questions!