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The following case study highlights one of many ways we help our clients succeed at the highest level in their healthcare real estate transactions. As every property requirement, deal structure, and negotiation is unique to each practice owner, we strive to find solutions that provide maximum benefits to our clients.


Dr Travis Stewart, DC and his wife Sarah moved to Colorado from Texas.  While Travis was attending chiropractic school they had frequently traveled throughout Colorado and pinned Boulder as where they wanted to be.  So, when the time was right in September 2020 they moved to Boulder.  Travis put together a startup and rented an exam room from another Chiropractor.  Travis and his practice quickly become very busy and successful.  As part, the chiropractor he was renting space from immediately started raising his rent.  At this point Travis decided he needed his own space.  Finding a great space would also allow Sarah the opportunity to open her Yoga practice in Boulder as well.

After driving around Boulder looking for space on his own, he started asking brokers for help but quickly realized brokers were more interested in helping landlords than him as a client. Disappointed with the process and no results he reached out to a colleague who recommended him to Phillip Redmond with CARR.


We listened closely to Travis and Sarah as they laid out their requirements and for where and what the perfect chiropractic office/yoga studio would look like.  Boulder has a very tight selection of commercial real estate that is zoned properly for healthcare.  As part the options were limited but we were able to identify a handful of options to present, and then ultimately 3 spaces to tour.  One was perfect!  That said we did not want to show our cards and sent out 3-LOI’s to 3 different landlords.  Due to the fact we were able to create a competitive situation amongst landlords we were able to achieve some really great deal terms in a really great location.


Phillip Redmond found Dr. Travis a great space, in a great location and achieved excellent terms. His practice continues to grow and remain successful despite opening a startup in the middle of COVID. They have completed their second full year in their space and love their location and their patients love it even more!

“Phillip Redmond with CARR was exactly what we were looking for and had the expertise we needed.  As soon as CARR was hired our whole commercial real estate experience changed immediately.  They provided feedback, follow up and great options that fit our requirements well.  Not to mention they brokered us a great deal.”

Travis Stewart, DC